NXP PNX1702 Media Processor EEMBC Benchmarks

The Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium(R) (EEMBC) recently published certified benchmark scores for NXP Semiconductors’ PNX1702 Media Processor. The PNX1702 is a system-on-chip device intended to perform video, audio, graphics, and general-purpose control processing.

With full optimizations making use of the PNX1702′s SIMD operations, the device achieved a score of 386 Consumermarks for EEMBC’s ConsumerBench(TM) digital imaging and DENBench(TM) digital entertainment suites. The score is the highest ever achieved for the EEMBC suite. Using the TCS5.01 compiler, the PNX1702 was also tested against EEMBC’s AutoBench(TM) automotive/industrial and TeleBench(TM) telecommunications benchmark suites. All scores were certified by the EEMBC Technology Center and are summarized in the table below.

Certified PNX1702 EEMBC benchmark scores
Benchmark suite Type of certification Single-number score
AutoBench Out-of-the-box 357.8 Automarks
AutoBench Optimized 1303.3 Automarks
ConsumerBench Out-of-the-box 89.9 Consumermarks
ConsumerBench Optimized 386.0 Consumermarks
DENBench Out-of-the-box 94.4 DENmarks
TeleBench Out-of-the-box 9.0 Telemarks
TeleBench Optimized 155.7 Telemarks

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