Trends in Critical Systems Seminars

Aonix(R) is offering a series of joint seminars titled, “Trends in Critical Systems.” Speakers for the events are from Aonix, Wind River, Objective Interface Systems, and Verocel. The seminars will cover new technologies targeting the Aerospace & Defense and Security markets and will include industry standards updates affecting safety-critical certification, such as DO-178C and security systems like Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS).

The seminar series takes into account current resources and challenges. For instance, embedded hardware is faster than ever with larger memory, graphic capabilities, multi-device interconnectivity and more compact footprint, allowing larger application execution in less physical space. Multi-partitioned RTOS solutions now allow mixing soft real-time and hard real-time applications, or enabling safety-critical applications to reside side-by-side with non-safety-oriented components in the same hardware platform. Legacy code and newer language opportunities add new complexities of intermixing and executing mixed language applications. New or enhanced standards are emerging with the potential to invalidate previously implemented systems. The seminar series tackle these kinds of complex and ever-changing systems.

The seminars are no cost, full-day events and include product demonstrations. Lunch will be provided.

Featured Speakers

  • Kelvin Nilsen, Chief Technical Officer, Aonix
  • John Alexander, Aerospace & Defense Product Manager, Wind River
  • George Romanski, President, CEO, Verocel
  • Gordon Uchenick, Sr. Mentor/Principal Engineer, Objective Interface Systems
  • Chris Constantinides, Senior Aerospace and Defense Systems Specialist, Wind River
  • Chip Downing, Senior Industry Marketing Manager for Aerospace and Defense, Wind River
  • Jack Carden, Field Application Engineer, Aonix
  • Rhoda Quate, Field Application Engineer, Aonix

Dates and Locations

  • October 16 – Minneapolis, MN – Hilton Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport Hotel
  • October 18 – St. Louis, MO – Marriott St. Louis Airport Hotel
  • November 15 – San Diego, CA – Venue to be announced
  • December 4 – Washington, D.C. – Crowne Plaza Washington D.C.-Silver Spring
  • December 6 – Burlington, MA – Hilton Garden Inn

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