MontaVista Mobilinux 5.0 Webinars

MontaVista(R) Software, Inc. is offering three webinars featuring their new Mobilinux 5.0 operating system (OS). Mobilinux is the industry’s most-deployed Linux OS for mobile devices. The 60-minute web seminars have been scheduled at convenient times for developers located in different time zones around the world. All three sessions will be presented live, with time for questions from the audience. Admission is complimentary and all information will be presented via the Internet, with both computer-streamed audio and telephone access available.

Webinar attendees will get an overview of release 5.0 of MontaVista Mobilinux. Jim Ready, the chief technical officer and founder of MontaVista Software, will describe specific features of the new release that make mobile device design and development faster and easier. Mr. Ready will also showcase new features that improve runtime functionality for mobile devices. The new operating system release adds advanced capabilities providing NSA-level mobile security, configurable dynamic power management, real-time response, built-in connectivity, and high performance in a small footprint.


  • New MontaVista MicroSELinux, the first availability of SELinux security for mobile devices
  • Configurable dynamic power management
  • Built-in connectivity, including SDIO, Wi-Lan/Wi-Fi over USB , Bluetooth over USB, and more
  • 100% native Linux integrated real-time response
  • Fast startup: 3 times faster than Symbian or Microsoft-based devices
  • Small footprints: less than 14MB for a basic phone
  • Multicore processor support
  • Linux 2.6.21 kernel support
  • Device development tools, including KGDB over USB

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