Implementing Toshiba Magma-Based Multiple Voltage Island Design Methodology

In Magma’s next Tech Talks event, they will demonstrate Toshiba’s comprehensive multiple voltage island and fine-grain MTCMOS low-power design methodology that is based on Magma’s software. Attendees will see how both dynamic and leakage power can be reduced by switching some of the voltage islands to a lower voltage or completely powering them down.

Magma will show how critical-path timing can be improved while maintaining stand-by leakage power consumption by the selective use of Toshiba’s MTCMOS standard-cell library. They will also explain the flow implementation on a complex design using Blast Fusion and Blast Power low-power and multiple-voltage-island optimization features.

The Tech Talks session will be held on Wednesday, October 10th at the Santa Clara Convention Center from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

More info: Implementing Toshiba Magma-Based Multiple-Voltage-Island Design Methodology »