Vision 2007 Embedded Linux Developers Conference

The Vision 2007 Embedded Linux Developers Conference will held at the Santa Clara Marriott in California, October 8-10, 2007. The event is hosted by MontaVista Software, Inc., and features platinum sponsors: Freescale Semiconductor, IBM, Intel, and Texas Instruments. The Vision event is expected to bring the latest tips, techniques, and tools to hundreds of embedded Linux developers.

In addition to new product introductions and educational sessions on industry topics, the Vision 2007 Partner Pavilion will showcase the latest development tools and hardware platforms from dozens of companies. Developers who attend the conference will learn new ways to accelerate Linux development processes and to improve the functionality, security, and performance of intelligent devices, from smart phones to industrial robots to TV set-top boxes and more.

Vision 2007 speakers and events will include:

  • Andrew Morton, lead maintainer of the Linux Kernel, on “The Relationship Between Development and the Use of Linux for Embedded Applications”
  • Christopher Hallinan, author of Embedded Linux Primer, the number one-selling book on embedded Linux, on “Debugging Embedded Linux: Tools and Strategies”
  • Jonathan Corbet, editor of, on “The State of the Kernel”
  • Dirk Hondel, CTO of Intel’s Open Source Technology Center, on “Developing in Open Source for Embedded Devices”
  • Joe Rigazio, Texas Instruments general manager of DSP catalog and EEE digital signal processors, on “Driving the Future of Digital Video”
  • Open source licensing authority Jason Wacha on “Open Source Licensing Review”
  • Mobilinux(TM) expert Kevin Hillman on “Dynamic Power Management for Mobile Devices”
  • A dinner performance by technical comedian Don McMillan
  • A multiplayer interactive gaming tournament powered by six Sun Ultra 20 workstations
  • A display of the 250-horsepower Intel Chopper, built by Intel and Orange County Choppers on the American Chopper TV series. The most technologically advanced motorcycle ever made, the bike commemorates 30 years of Intel embedded technology, and features a digital dashboard, GPS navigation, wireless connectivity, fingerprint recognition for security, and digital cameras that replace rear-view mirrors.

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