New on Embedded Star – 2007.09.28

Physik Instrumente N-310 NEXACT Ceramic Linear Motor
The PI (Physik Instrumente) N-310 NEXACT(R) is a miniature ceramic linear motor actuator. NEXACT(R) is a patented, high-precision linear motor actuator developed to bridge the gap between micro- and nanopositioning devices. At ½ cubic inch and 50 g (1.7 oz), the new NEXACT(R) actuator is significantly smaller and more cost effective than its big brother. This high-force ceramic motor, dubbed NEXLINE(R) has already won a technology award from the semiconductor community.

COMMELL LS-372 Embedded Miniboard
The LS-372 3.5″ embeded miniboard, by Taiwan Commate Computer Inc.(COMMELL), incorporates an Intel Socket P pin-out compatible with Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile Merom processors @ FSB 533/800MHz support for T7700, T7500, T7300, T7100 & L7500, The LS-372 was validated with Intel’s latest Mobile GME965 Express chipset. The board is suitable for embedded applications ranging from gaming, medical, POS, KIOSK, Digital Signage, mobile data acquisition, Surveillance, industrial automation equipment, and other multi-display applications.

GAO PS1000 Series Oscilloscopes
The GAO PS1000 Portable Digital Oscilloscopes is a low-price oscilloscope series comes in either color or monochrome screens. The new over-thin design and cabinet-sized volume enhances the portability of the oscilloscopes and makes it light weight. The GAO PS1000 series features two channels that can support bandwidth ranges from 25 to 200 MHz with channel memory depth of 4K. The real-time sample rate ranges from 250MHz up to 1GSa/s – the equivalent sampling rate is 50GSa/s. The vertical scale and sweep time range differently from 2mV to 5V/div and 1ns to 50s/div for various models of GAO PS1000 Series respectively.

Hynix Semiconductor 1Gb Mobile DRAM
Hynix Semiconductor, Inc. recently announced it has developed the industry’s smallest 1 Gigabit mobile DRAM. The product is also the industry’s first commercially available 1Gb mobile DRAM built on Hynix’s 66 nm process technology. The finer processing geometry reduces die size but also improves speed and power characteristics of the device.

SENA Parani-MSP1000 Multi-Port Bluetooth Access Point
The Parani-MSP1000 Series is a Bluetooth Access Point product line designed to manage up to 28 Bluetooth devices over 10/100 Base-T Ethernet network with advanced features. The Parani-MSP1000 series produce line incorporates Bluetooth 2.0 Protocol Stack with Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) support; and transmits data from each Bluetooth terminal to management station via TCP/IP.

TI CC1101 RF Transceiver
The CC1101 from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) is a sub-1GHz radio-frequency (RF) transceiver with low-power consumption, high integration, and excellent RF performance. The CC1101 targets low-power wireless applications in alarm and security, automatic meter reading, industrial monitoring and control, and home and building automation. The CC1101 is an improved performance, code-compatible version of TI’s successful CC1100 sub-1GHz RF transceiver.

Insyde InsydeDIY EFI Firmware for Intel Embedded Processor
Insyde Software is offering the royalty-free InsydeDIY(TM) EFI firmware solution for the Intel(R) Xeon processor and Intel(R) 3100 chipset development kit. The company’s InsydeH2O(TM) flagship product, a complete UEFI Framework solution, supports the entire Intel embedded silicon family. InsydeDIY(TM) “Do-It-Yourself” EFI firmware solution is targeted at the embedded and communications market segments using Intel(R) architecture. It is aimed specifically towards embedded systems makers who do not need a complete BIOS implementation, and who want to develop a platform-specific set of initialization and boot code themselves.