LTspice, SwitcherCAD III Seminar

Nu Horizons Electronics and Linear Technology are offering free half-day seminars designed to educate and inform both advanced and new users of LTspice. Attendees will gain the knowledge to successfully simulate circuit designs and predict circuit behavior for faster more efficient designs.

The seminars will feature:

  • The “ins and outs” of LTspice — including informative tutorials on how to simulate switch mode power supplies, compute efficiencies and observe power supply start-up behavior and transient response.
  • Utilize LTspice as a general purpose SPICE simulator for AC analysis, DC sweeps, noise analysis and circuit simulations.
  • Complete question and answer period will be offered to answer questions on LTspice.

Dates and Locations

  • Oct. 2 – Seattle, WA
  • Oct. 3 – Portland, OR
  • Oct. 4 – Denver, CO
  • Oct. 5 – Salt Lake City, UT
  • Oct. 9 – San Jose, CA
  • Oct. 10 – San Jose, CA
  • Oct. 23 – Boston, MA
  • Oct. 24 – Rochester, NY
  • Oct. 25 – Syracuse, NY
  • Oct. 26 – Philadelphia, PA

More info: LTspice/SwitcherCAD III Seminar »