Virtual System Prototyping Tools Growing

Venture Development Corporation (VDC)
According to research published by Venture Development Corporation, virtual system prototyping/simulation tools are the fastest growing segment of the ESL tools market. With the complexity of both hardware and software growing significantly, the challenge of designing and testing software earlier in the design process is becoming an increasingly significant factor, especially in cases where the hardware environment may be extremely complex and/or not yet available. In addition to the continued use of physical prototyping, VDC expects an increased use of virtual prototyping methods as a strategy for developing software more efficiently and validating software/hardware interaction earlier in the design process.

Virtual System Prototyping

Virtual system prototyping/simulation tools are ESL tools that enable the creation, assembly, and simulation of hardware/system designs modeled at a high level of abstraction and offer simulation speeds fast enough to enable efficient software development. These tools differ from instruction set simulators in the degree of speed, cycle accuracy, and system simulation coverage that they can provide.

Even though the virtual system prototyping/simulation market is expected to grow over the next several years, the market does have limitations. VDC believes that the time and resources required to build usable virtual prototypes of hardware as well as remaining questions about which engineering teams (either internally, within the supply chain, or a combination of both) should take ownership of designing and managing virtual hardware models remain key questions within the market.

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