New on Embedded Star – 2007.09.14

Integrated Recovery Solutions Make Sense for Both the Manufacturer and the Customer
When mishaps, malfunctions, failures and crashes take down a computer system, the potential for lost data and increased calls for Technical Support assistance can cause a “digital disaster” that affects both computer system builders and end users alike. For the system builder, warranty period obligations can lead to a high volume of tech support calls. For end users, PC configurations are always changing, as users constantly create and save new files and install or update software. Any changes that were not previously backed up are at risk for loss without a good back-up recovery system in place.

Cypress PSoC Express 3.0
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NYSE:CY) PSoC Express(TM) 3.0 delivers real-time monitoring and tuning of designs. PSoC Express is a visual embedded system design tool for PSoC(R) mixed-signal arrays. The tool enables designers to observe and improve the performance of designs with Cypress’s CapSense(TM) touch sensing and EZ-Color(TM) High-Brightness LED (HB-LED) control solutions.

EnOcean EVA 120C Evaluation Kit
EnOcean’s EVA 120C Evaluation Kit includes everything necessary to quickly develop and test ultra low power wireless sensor modules for a variety of electrical and electronics applications. The kit components include an EnOcean STM 110C solar powered sensor transmitter module and a development board with a PC interface. Detailed technical documentation, including data sheet, manual and user notes also are part of the kit.

NXP Nexperia PNX0161 USB Digital Audio Headset Solution
NXP Semiconductors’ Nexperia(TM) PNX0161 is a USB-driven digital audio headset solution. The solution from NXP leverages the USB 2.0 standard to shift the core audio streaming functions to the USB connector on the host device, alongside the existing battery charging and PC synchronization functions. This feeds the market trend for ultra-thin devices with a simplified design and a single standardized connection interface, enabling a marked reduction in bill-of-material costs and a quicker time to market.

Renesas SH72546RFCC SuperH Microcontroller
Renesas Technology’s SH72546RFCC SuperH microcontroller is a MCU with on-chip flash memory built with a 90-nm (nanometer) process node. The device is optimized for the development of control programs for automobile engines, transmissions, and other systems that require real-time control capabilities. It achieves an industry top-level operating speed of 200MHz in the high-temperature environment (up to 125°C) required for automotive applications. In addition, the device’s on-chip flash memory capacity is among the largest currently offered — 3.75 Mbytes — enough to store cutting-edge high-precision real-time control algorithms.

Kontron KUBE-8010 Fanless Box
Kontron’s KUBE-8010 fanless box PC is designed specifically for space-constrained applications requiring high performance. The KUBE-8010 utilizes an Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor up to 1.8GHz with Intel(R) 855GME/ICH4 chipset on a Mini-ITX main board. Its compact dimensions (80×188.7x300mm) computing power, and quiet reliable operation make the KUBE-8010 the ideal box PC for complex tasks in limited space environments such as measurement, control, operations, and visualization.

Acrosser AR-ES0831FL Fanless Industrial Computer
The Acrosser AR-ES0831FL Fanless Industrial Computer was designed specifically for vehicle operation. The small, rugged system can withstand operation in harsh environmental conditions. AR-ES0831FL specifications…