Kontron nanoETXexpress COM Standard

nanoETXexpress, which was defined by Kontron, is a new footprint variant of the Computer-On-Module (COM) standard. The nanoETXexpress specification is targeted to deliver extremely power-saving COMs with mid to high performance x86 technology on a footprint that is a mere 55 mm x 84 mm. This is 39% of the original COM Express module Basic form factor 125 x 95 mm footprint and 51% of microETXexpress (95mm x 95mm). The new COM form factor follows the PICMG COM Express standard and will be 100% compliant with the COM.0 Type 1 connector. The locations of the identically mapped pin-outs will also be 100% COM.0 compliant.

Kontron nanoETXexpress Computer-On-Module StandardThe goal of nanoETXexpress specification is to build PCIe-based COMs on the smallest possible form factor. Many new applications that will benefit from the nano-size include hand-held units for medical, mobile data solutions and other emerging applications that have not been possible as of yet due to size restrictions. The specification, documentation for nanoETXexpress will be available under a non-disclosure agreement in Q4 2007. Kontron plans to launch its first nanoETXexpress based COM in Q2 2008.

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