New on Embedded Star – 2007.08.31

Sealevel COMM+16.PCIe 16-port RS-232 Serial I/O Adapter
Sealevel Systems’ COMM+16.PCIe is a 16-port RS-232 serial I/O adapter designed for the new PCI Express bus. Each serial port provides a maximum data rate of 460.8K bps and the board has an operating range from 0 to +70°C (extended temperature versions operating from -40 to +85°C are available).

IBASE MB875 Motherboard
The IBASE MB875 is a versatile motherboard with four Gigabit Ethernets. The board is designed for SOHO network security applications. Optimized for network performance, the scalable board is based on the Intel(R) 852GM chipset and supports Intel(R) Pentium(R) M / Celeron(R) M processors of up to 2.0 GHz speeds with front size bus of 400MHz. System memory can support up to 2GB of DDR266 DIMM modules.

Open Interface North America SOUNDabout Lossless Codec
The SOUNDabout(R) Lossless(TM), by Open Interface North America, is a lossless codec that brings audiophile quality to Bluetooth wireless audio by delivering perfect reproduction of streaming audio over a Bluetooth radio link. SOUNDabout Lossless is distinguished by its low latency, symmetric low complexity, and state-of-the-art compression ratios. SOUNDabout Lossless is designed for use in mobile phones, MP3 players, wireless headsets and headphones, speakers, car stereo systems and other Bluetooth A2DP implementations. While initially targeted to Bluetooth, SOUNDabout Lossless is radio agnostic.

Nethra NI-2065/66 Programmable Image Processor
Nethra Imaging’s NI-2065/66 second generation smart camera chips are available for low power, handheld consumer devices. The NI-2065/66 programmable image processor family can be integrated into camera module designs and handsets, providing consumers with “print quality” images from less expensive optics and digital still camera-like functionality from their mobile devices.

Agilent Four New PXIT Modules
Agilent (NYSE: A) added four next-generation modules to the PXIT family for optical transceiver manufacturing. The new PXIT modules have both a combined bit error ratio tester (BERT) and digital communication analyzer (DCA). The flexible modular platform allows optical transceiver manufacturers to combine key instruments needed to perform required measurements — in one mainframe via the same interface. This helps reduce the cost of test and increase production throughput.

Fujitsu MB91F467BA Microcontroller
The Fujitsu MB91F467BA MCU is a high-performance 32-bit microcontrollers for automotive applications. The MB91F467BA is designed for integrating several in-vehicle Control Area Networks (CAN) or for controlling CAN, LIN and FlexRay(TM) mixed network gateways. The MB91F467BA features a CAN controller with six channels. Each channel consists of 32 message buffers, seven channels of LIN-capable UART, two channels of I2C communication suitable for the interconnection and gateway functionality and to allow the MCU to easily control combinations of different in-vehicle networks. The MB91F467BA operates at 80MHz using a single 3.0-5.5V power supply, simplifying power supply circuitry while providing flexibility on hardware design.

Mercury MultiCore Plus SDK for PS3 – Base Package
Mercury Computer Systems (NASDAQ: MRCY) recently released the MultiCore Plus(TM) SDK for PS3 – Base Package. The software development kit enables application developers to unleash the Sony PLAYSTATION(R)3 (PS3) game console for low-cost, high-speed computing. The MultiCore Plus SDK for PS3 – Base Package is available now for US$399 per seat license through Terra Soft Solutions.