Embedded Linux World Tour 2007

The Embedded Linux World Tour 2007 is a series of live seminars for device designers and developers across North America and Europe. Embedded Linux World Tour seminars will be presented in 23 cities in 9 countries between September 4 and November 15, 2007. The seminars will feature experts from MontaVista(R) Software, Freescale Semiconductor, Avnet, and EBV Elektronik. Admission to the seminars is free.

The technically-oriented seminars will take place in 10 cities in the United States and Canada and 13 cities in Europe. The events will offer presentations and demos that will show embedded developers new ways to enhance application bringup and development.

Sessions will include live demonstrations of Eclipse(TM)-based development tools for the Freescale PowerQUICC(R) II Pro processor family. They will answer questions such as:

  • How can embedded Linux accelerate your product development cycle?
  • What are the tradeoffs between RTOSs, downloaded source code, and commercial Linux?
  • Can embedded Linux deliver the real-time capabilities to meet your needs?
  • When should you consider moving to embedded Linux?
  • Why is Freescale’s PowerQUICC II Pro processor right for your application?

Embedded Linux World Tour seminars will show how embedded Linux can accelerate the product development cycle, and describe the tradeoffs between RTOSs, free source code, and commercial Linux. Presenters will explain how to tell if embedded Linux can deliver the real-time performance to meet product requirements, and why to use Freescale’s PowerQUICC(R) II Pro processors for an application.

North America Schedule

  • Sept 13: Baltimore, USA
  • Oct 23: Dallas, USA
  • Oct 23: Boston, USA
  • Oct 25: Toronto, Canada
  • Oct 30: Chicago, USA
  • Nov 1: Minneapolis, USA
  • Nov 6: Seattle, USA
  • Nov 8: San Jose, USA
  • Nov 13: San Diego, USA
  • Nov 15: Irvine, USA

Europe Schedule

  • 4 Sept: Bracknell, England
  • 5 Sept: Wiesbaden, DE
  • 6 Sept: Stockholm, Sverige
  • 11 Sept: Hannover, DE
  • 12 Sept: Berlin, DE
  • 13 Sept: Weimar, DE
  • 9 Oct: Gent, België
  • 10 Oct: Maarssen, Nederland
  • 11 Oct: Duisburg, DE
  • 24 Oct: Stuttgart, DE
  • 25 Oct: München, DE
  • 31 Oct: Zürich, Schweiz
  • 13 Nov: Milano, Italia

Embedded Linux World Tour seminar attendees will receive special offers from Freescale and MontaVista. Attendees can also win a copy of Embedded Linux Primer by Christopher Hallinan, currently the top-selling book on embedded Linux, a US$45 value. In addition, two attendees in each North American seminar and in each of the seminars in Britain, Sweden, and Italy will win a board based on PowerQUICC II Pro technology from Freescale.

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