Code-Free Embedded System Design Webinar

Cypress Semiconductor (NYSE:CY) is hosting a free online seminar that explores visual embedded design with the PSoC Express(TM) 3.0 design tool. The 60-minute webinar entitled “Code-Free Embedded System Design with PSoC Express,” will be presented on Wednesday, August 22 at 9:00 a.m. PDT. The webinar will introduce engineers to the PSoC Express. An example design will show how quick and easy it is to complete a CapSense design with no code. At the end of the webinar, attendees will be ready to begin their own code-free embedded designs.

Cypress’s PSoC Express visual embedded system design tool includes dozens of pre-coded modules that allow designers to drag-and-drop functions into a design that would take days to create in another environment. PSoC Express 3.0 introduces a new user interface and monitoring and tuning tools that make performance optimization much easier and faster. The webinar presenters will demonstrate how quick and easy it is to complete a sample CapSense(TM) touch sensitive interface design with PSoC Express 3.0.

PSoC Express is the first easy-to-use development tool that allows system engineers to develop microcontroller-based designs without any Assembly language or C programming. By operating at a higher level of abstraction and not requiring firmware development, PSoC Express enables new designs to be created, simulated and programmed to the targeted PSoC(R) mixed-signal array in hours or days instead of in weeks or months. With built-in support for portability, seamless multi-processing, design visualization and a rich content library, designs can be created faster and with higher reliability using PSoC Express.

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Code-Free Embedded System Design with PSoC Express Webinar
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