Wireless USB

Wireless USB (WUSB) products will hit the market this year. According to In-Stat, the initial WUSB products will be dongle and hub solutions that will allow PCs to wirelessly connect to PC peripherals and CE devices. Integrated solutions with Certified WUSB capability will be offered in a few devices before this year, including PCs, printers, multi-function peripherals (MFPs), and digital still cameras. Certified WUSB are designed to replace USB cables on the PC desktop. They also facilitate temporary connections between mobile and fixed devices (ie – portable digital audio players to PCs, digital still cameras to printers).

In-Stat found the following in their research:

  • Over two billion USB-enabled devices shipped worldwide in 2006
  • Annual shipment growth through 2011 will be 12.3%
  • In the Communications market segment, full-speed USB has emerged as a popular option in mobile phones

In-Stat’s report, USB 2007: Wireless Finally Arrives, covers the market for the Universal Serial Bus (USB) in five mass-market segments: PCs, PC peripherals, consumer electronics, communications, and automotive. However, it does not cover USB in more specialized commercial applications, such as measurement, control, or point-of-sale systems. It provides worldwide forecasts for USB-enabled device unit sales by product category through 2011. It also includes profiles of USB silicon and IP providers. The price is $3,995 (US) and includes free wireless USB cable.

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