OpenAmeos Open Source UML Modeling Tool

Aonix announced an open source version of its Ameos UML tool. Ameos feattures UML profiles for generating C/C++, Ada, Java, CORBA, COM, and EJB. Under the new open source policy, Ameos is available under terms based on the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) as OpenAmeos.

Ameos implements UML 2.0 profiles, model-driven architecture model transformation and a modern, convenient user interface—features designed to powerfully meet the modeling needs of modern and complex software systems. Through its UML profiles, developers can easily extend standard UML notation and adapt it to project-specific needs. Since the transformation engine is based on MDA architecture, design time is reduced as the model process is able to mature to a greater level prior to implementing target-specific detail.

Under the terms of the Ameos open source agreement, a “clean” open source version of Ameos has been created to ensure that anyone installing a new version of Ameos will be able to use it freely without encumbrances of any other source contributions. This version is freely downloadable. In addition, any company or academic institution who wants to distribute OpenAmeos source code is required to also make their changes to the source code freely available to others in order to ensure the continuing open evolution of Ameos.

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