New Across Our Network – 2007.08.10

Universal Graphics-on-Module Standard (UGM)
Developers of applications with sophisticated graphics (for example: medical and industrial imaging, gaming and entertainment machines, POS/POI terminals, commercial outdoor broadcasting, public facilities and high-end residential gateways) have always had a problem with graphics. If they were looking for powerful graphics cards with long-term availability for their embedded designs they found that such cards simply do not exist. Standard cards from Asus or MSI are often discontinued after just a few months, this being the typical lifecycle for standard computer boards intended for the consumer market. And that is just the beginning of the problems associated with using consumer graphics cards. If OEMs rely on products from the mass market, they will incur significant expenditure during the products’ lifecycle: frequent driver updates, extremely high energy use (sometimes up to 150W), and in some cases limited MTBF due to fan failures. Additionally, the proportions of the consumer cards and their cooling designs often conflict with the embedded principles of compact dimensions, simplified cooling, and standardized form factors.

Concept to FPGA to Board Seminar
Mentor Graphics is hosting a seminar titled, “Concept to FPGA to Board.” The event will take place on Wednesday, August 15th in Phoenix, AZ. The target audience is Hardware Engineers, Signal Integrity Engineers, PCB Designers, Engineering Managers, System Engineers, and aliens from outer space.

Magma, eASIC Structured ASIC Seminar
Magma Design Automation is offering a seminar, titled “Using eASIC’s Structured ASIC Technology and Magma’s Blast Flow to Cut ASIC Production Costs, Time.” The TechTalks event will take place on Tuesday, August 14th, from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.

CEVA Bluetooth 2.0+EDR IP
CEVA (NASDAQ: CEVA)(LSE: CVA) created a platform solution for Bluetooth Specification Version 2.0 + EDR, providing Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) performance to chip designers looking to embed Bluetooth in consumer or automotive integrated circuits. Leveraging on the Company’s silicon-proven and fully certified Bluetooth 1.2 solution, CEVA’s low power Bluetooth 2.0+EDR IP provides full flexibility in the choice of CPU, Bluetooth radio chipset and operating system. This fully adaptable architecture offers customers a range of system configurations when incorporating Bluetooth into their designs, a crucial selection factor when choosing Bluetooth IP.

Wavecom Integrated Subscriber Identity Module
Wavecom’s (NASDAQ:WVCM) WiSIM is a solution that facilitates the deployment of industrial wireless devices in cellular networks. WiSIM, which is short for Wavecom integrated Subscriber Identity Module, addresses the requirements for industrial wireless devices. These requirments include: long-life — more than ten years for utility meters, for example — and harsh environments such as extreme temperatures and excessive vibrations for vehicles. The typical SIM card, like those used in GSM mobile phones and other consumer electronics are built in to plastic cards and therefore do not address the rigorous demands for many industrial applications.

Arasan IP Cores for Mobile Industry Processor Interface
Arasan offers a suite of IP Cores that support the emerging MIPI(TM) (Mobile Industry Processor Interface) standards. The new products available include the Display Serial Interface (DSI) IP Core, the Camera Serial Interface (CSI-2) IP Core, and the D-PHY IP Core. The SLIMbus(TM) IP Core (Serial Low-power Inter-chip Media bus) supporting the preliminary draft specification is also available. In addition to the hardware IP, Arasan provides Software drivers and stacks for a number of the interface protocols. Also available is a separate set of Verification IP including bus functional models and tests that can be used to validate the operation of the IP in a unit test and systems environment. Each test platform comes with a set of directed tests designed to exercise the elements of the protocol.

Quantum3D Thermite TVC-2.0 Models 6300, 3500, TL
Quantum3D’s Thermite TVC-2.0 Models 6300, 3500, and TL small form-factor computers are multi-role, realtime, 2D/3D COTS Tactical Visual Computers. The Thermite TVC is a multi-role, small form factor, COTS Tactical Visual Computer specifically designed to enable PC-based embedded training, mission rehearsal, C4ISR and C2 applications to be deployed in both vehicle-based and man-wearable extended environments. Thermite TVC supports open architecture PC operating systems and features advanced embedded computing, mobile graphics, video capture and display, low-power consumption for long battery life, and extensive I/O in a lightweight, conduction cooled, alloy enclosure for operation in Mil-Std-810F and Mil-Std-461E extended environments.

Atmel ATA6662 LIN2 Transceiver IC
Atmel’s (Nasdaq: ATML) ATA6662 stand-alone LIN bus transceiver IC features the industry’s best EMC performance (EMC test and conformance test LIN2.0, Europe, and SAE J2602-2, US). The device’s excellent ESD protection (exceeding 6 kV) is beneficial for designing robust electronic units for the harsh automotive environment. This includes automotive comfort applications such as door modules, power seat controls, intelligent sensors, and other body electronic applications where low-speed data communication is sufficient and low cost is important.

ST SPEAr Plus600, Head600 Configurable SoC ICs
STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) dual-core SPEAr Plus600 and single-core SPEAr Head600 configurable System-on-Chip ICs enable printer, fax, point-of-sale (POS), and other equipment manufacturers to develop complex yet flexible digital engines at a fraction of the time and cost required by a full-custom design approach. Additionally, the possibility to choose between a single- and a dual-processor device with the same footprint and architecture will enable manufacturers to address different market segments for the same application.