WiMAX Beats Cellular Data and Wi-Fi Services

According to a US survey, respondents indicated a significant preference for WiMAX over cellular data and Wi-Fi services. The survey was conducted earlier in the year by In-Stat. The respondents were asked a series of questions regarding their interest in various wireless broadband services, with each service description based on what is currently or will soon be available per technology.

According to an In-Stat analyst, WiMAX’s ability to support nomadic services with laptop cards and USB devices will become a reality this year. Combining that nomadic ability, with its fixed capabilities will give WiMAX service providers a way to differentiate their broadband services from what is currently available.

More findings from the survey:

  • Over 50% of respondents would change their current home broadband provider for one that bundles wireless with a home broadband service.
  • Respondents’ interest in cellular data decreased dramatically when presented with pricing.
  • Top two service attributes used in selecting a wireless broadband provider, when not factoring in price, were availability and reliability.

The research, “End-Users Prefer WiMAX” (#IN0703519WBB), covers the market for wireless broadband services. It includes results from and analysis of a February 2007 survey of primarily US consumers. The purpose of the survey was to see what attributes respondents look for when selecting a wireless broadband data provider, their interest in bundling wireless broadband with their existing home broadband service, and their preference for different wireless broadband services. The price is $2,995 (US).

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