LED Flash

Strategy Analytics
Even though overall LED revenues from cellular handsets will decline, Strategy Analytics forecasts LED flash will grow at a CAAGR of 23% through 2011. Backlighting applications will produce 63% of total LED revenue in 2011. Continuing pressure on ASPs will mean that overall revenues from backlighting applications will drop from $1.30 billion in 2006 to just over $984 million in 2011.

According to Strategy Analytics, by 2011 82% of all handsets shipped will include a camera. This will drive LED demand for the camera flash function. By 2011, 68% of all camera phones shipped will feature resolutions of at least 2 megapixel. Currently, Xenon-based flash has only 4% of this market segment. However, LED-based flash will face growing competition from Xenon technology as camera phone resolutions increase.

Strategy Analytics also predicts that there will be an increasing number of LEDs going into handsets for other applications, including indicators for Bluetooth functionality, call alert and personalization, but the commodity pricing will offset volume demand.

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