Femtocell Access Points

ABI Research
According to ABI Research, femtocell vendors are faced with the difficult task of driving costs down while meeting carrier-driven requirements for products (simple stand-alone products, products that integrate multiple cellular standards, ADSL gateways, multiple transport layer technologies, Wi-Fi). They are in a market where there are no firm ideas about what a femtocell is and what a femtocell system needs to support. As a result, manufacturers will look to add multimode functionality in order to reach a point where economies of scale can contribute to lowering costs.

ABI Research recommends further standardization of the femtocell. Standardization work is currently being considered in the 3GPP, where femtocells are being explored as an extension to current standards. Such efforts will be key to moving the market forward.

ABI Research’s report, Femtocell Access Points, explains how femtocells provide savings on backhaul costs, improve in-building coverage, reduce churn, promote migration, and provide a platform for operators to build an effective delivery system for triple- and quadruple-play services.

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