50% Off on SenzaEval TestKit

E-Senza Technologies is offering a 50% discount on their TestKit. The TestKits are used by leading industry pros and help them build wireless networks with their own devices. SenzaEval TestKit features a user-friendly interface and offers a quick and flexible solution for entering the world of SenzaNet — a license-free radio technology.

The kit is designed for OEMs and developers who want to enable their products with the powerful SenzaNet technology. SenzaEval TestKit is also suited for tests and internal technology workshops. The SenzaBlocks are battery operated, designed for low-power transmission especially for analog sensors. SenzaBlocks can connect to sensors via multitude of standard interfaces: A/D (analog), impulse, Digital-I/O and PT100.


  • Network health monitoring
  • Network Time synchronization
  • Ping individual SenzaBlock
  • Configurable network parameters and network traffic management
  • Onboard temperature sensor
  • Hardware Interfaces: Analog (0-2V)
  • Input, impulse or digital-IO access

The TestKit includes:

  • 1x SenzaCoordinator OEM module
  • 3x SenzaBlocks OEM module
  • 1x license SenzaEvalConsole
  • 1x 1 month license SenzaWMS webserver portal
  • 4x External antennas
  • 3x 9V battery including connection cable
  • 1x USB cable

The promotional price of the SenzaEval Kit is 475 €. The promotion ends August 31, 2007.

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