CE Devices with Hardware Security

ABI Research
ABI Research expects over 60 million CE devices will ship with hardware security by 2013. In today’s consumer electronics products, hardware IC features play little role in protecting copyrighted content. However, processor companies are enhancing their architectures and embracing security features that will simplify secure software implementations and make it much more difficult to copy and share protected content.

According to ABI, secure processors in consumer electronics doesn’t really exist currently. However, they will start showing up in commercially available devices in the next couple of years and will take hold rapidly starting in 2009. Hardware-assisted security will find a home in PCs, portable video players, and digital media adaptors, as it already has in cable set-top boxes and elsewhere.

There isn’t a standard way of implementing security at the system level, and the industry is trying to work that out, according to an ABI study. But hardware security features being built into processors fundamentally embrace certain world-standard cryptography methods and common underlying approaches to security. They are DRM-agnostic and security system-agnostic.

Hardware Security in the Consumer Electronics Market examines the new security processors and considers the implications for the home digital video network market. The study presents forecasts, identifies the work done on the PC platform and in embedded environments, and explores the key industry initiatives shaping the marketplace.

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