Wi-Fi-Only Not Enough

In a recent In-Stat survey, respondents only had a lukewarm response to the concept of Wi-Fi-only phones replacing cellular phones. The majority of respondents expressed at least marginal interest in Wi-Fi-only phones, but almost 25% expressed absolutely no interest in the survey.

The survey results indicated that Wi-Fi is a desirable addition to cellular. The majority of respondents were interested in having a Wi-Fi communication device together with their cellular phones, but only if the Wi-Fi phone or communicator device is inexpensive.

More findings from the survey:

  • Current pricing for Wi-Fi-only phones is way out of line with what most consumers are willing to pay.
  • Respondents expressed a general satisfaction with their cellular handsets for mobile voice communication.
  • Respondents indicated they would pay a premium for a Wi-Fi personal communication device, such as the Sony mylo, compared to a standard Wi-Fi phone.

The report, “Wi-Fi for Voice?: Consumer Research Around Wi-Fi Phones” (#IN0703844WT), examines market demand for Wi-Fi phones. It includes results from, and analysis of, an In-Stat consumer survey regarding attitudes and perceptions of Wi-Fi-only phones. Additionally, it provides analysis of the current Wi-Fi phone landscape. The price is $1,995 (US).

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