Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Strategy Analytics
According to a Strategy Analytics Automotive Electronics report, ADAS applications only score a 1% penetration rate in light vehicle production (ADAS is short for Advanced Driver Assistance System). Camera and parking assistance systems, however, did much better and came in at 20%.

Strategy Analytics believes there is significant potential for future growth due to governmental concerns over the high rate of collision injuries. As vendors bring new developments to the market, ADAS will become easier and less costly to install, encouraging automakers to fit systems on less expensive car models. ADAS is forecasted to reach 10% penetration by 2013.

The research, titled: ADAS: Assessing Opportunities and Challenges, included adaptive cruise control, adaptive front-lighting, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, parking assistance, and pre-crash safety systems. The study also looked into emerging applications such as driver attention, night vision, traffic sign recognition, and the latest vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-roadside communication safety systems. Supplier and auto manufacturing activities were also covered.

While systems prices decline, camera technology will improve to provide a valuable role in object recognition. Cameras will become the basis for a host of new applications, which are mapped in the “ADAS Systems Market Forecast” and the “ADAS Sensors Market Forecast,” found in the report. Strategy Analytics predicts the cost-effective development of different applications sharing the same sensor, as well as development of enhanced applications using a variety of different types of sensors, better-known as “sensor fusion.”

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