Intel Plays with NAND and NOR Flash

Intel has been a leader in NOR Flash for over a decade. According to In-Stat, Intel is now moving aggressively in the NAND Flash market. The company is making significant investments in NAND to support its goal of becoming one of the top players in this business.

According to an In-Stat analyst, Intel is participating in two businesses (NAND and NOR) that are not closely aligned with its core strengths, and may spin these businesses out at a later date. NAND and NOR businesses are both expected to grow. However, In-Stat sees NAND as the higher-growth market and believes that NOR’s more moderate growth may not keep the interest of Intel’s upper management.”

In-Stat found the following in their research:

  • Intel is investing to open one new 300mm NAND fab every year with its IMFT JV with Micron Technology.
  • Intel is in a struggle for leadership in NOR Flash against Spansion. This struggle is forcing other makers out of the market.
  • Intel and Spansion have been unprofitable for all of 2005 and 2006.

The research, “Intel and Flash: Playing in Both NAND and NOR” (#IN0703876IN), analyzes the dynamics of the Flash memory market, the reasoning behind Intel’s strategy, the potential impact on the market, and likely affect on Intel, the market and other key players. It provides worldwide revenue forecasts for the NOR and NAND Flash memory markets. It also includes analysis of Intel’s Flash manufacturing capacity. The research is free, but shipping and handling is $3,495 (US).

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