New on Embedded Star – 2007.05.25

RadiSys Multicore Development Kit
The RadiSys Multicore Development Kit, which includes RadiSys’ OS-9 real-time operating system and real-time virtualization software from VirtualLogix, provides embedded systems designers with the software tools and real-time operating systems they need to develop innovative multicore-based designs on RadiSys Procelerant(TM) ComExpess solutions, embedded servers and motherboards.

TI MSP430FG461x MCUs
TI’s MSP430FG461x ultra-low power MCUs feature up to 120KB flash memory. The MSP430FG461x MCUs are designed for today’s larger system memory requirements and allows for the development of very sophisticated real-time applications, completely in modular C libraries with full backward compatibility. The extended memory model also enables faster code execution that results in up to 50% reduction in cycles for a full context store and up to 25% when addressing peripherals, flash, or RAM.

RTS Real-Time Hypervisor for Multiple OS
RTS’ Real-Time Hypervisor software enables real-time operating systems (RTOS), such as Wind River VxWorks(R), to run simultaneously with a general purpose operating system (GPOS), for example Linux, on a single hardware platform while ensuring real-time behavior of the RTOS. The breakthrough technology utilizes the advantages of modern multi-core processors where each core may be assigned a separate operating system. RTS expects their product to find wide use in industrial automation, medical, telecom as well as in military markets.

Microchip PIC16F882 PIC Microcontrollers
Microchip’s PIC16F882 microcontrollers provide design engineers with the option to migrate to a lower-cost family member, as their code development stabilizes. In turn, all five members of the PIC16F88X family maintain compatibility with other 28/40-pin PIC(R) Microcontrollers for easy migration, while providing a host of new features designed to save users time and money—both during and after their design cycle. PIC16F882 enhancements include dual internal oscillators with clock switching and fail-safe clock mode; more (up to 14) ADC channels; an advanced comparator module featuring two comparators and a Set/Reset Latch to allow emulation of many analog circuits; and low-power enhancements that extend battery life.

Debunking Misconceptions in SSD Longevity
Aside from flash memory prices, the write endurance limitation of flash memory is probably one of the remaining impediments to the widespread application of non-volatile solid-state storage in the enterprise. Flash SSD critics have long harped on this apparent “weakness” that remains a thorn on the side of SSD manufacturers despite the development of advanced error correcting codes and wear leveling techniques utilized in their products.

Kontron 986LCD Embedded Motherboards
Kontron recently launched a family of embedded motherboards that supports the new Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo Processor T7400. The new 2 x 2.16 GHz processor delivers 64-bit technology and 4MB shared L2 cache that can be dynamically assigned to each of the cores. The new product family consists of three basic products in different form factors: ATX, Flex-ATX and Mini-ITX.

Concurrent PP 421/23x 6U CompactPCI SBC
Concurrent Technologies’ PP 421/23x 6U CompactPCI(R) single board computer features two 1.66 GHz Dual-Core Intel(R) Xeon(R) ULV processors. The single slot board is ideal for CPU intensive processing applications — the four processor cores can access up to 8 Gbytes on board DDR2 ECC dual channel SDRAM. This combination of high performance data processing and a range of I/O interfaces ensures that the PP 421/23x has one of the highest specifications available today.