PC/104-Plus CPU Modules

The PC/104-Plus architecture has seen steady growth in CPU module boards since its introduction. After periods of incremental gains on share of the PC/104 family CPU module market, PC/104-Plus is projected to rapidly acquire share as it challenges standard PC/104 for the leadership position. PC/104-Plus incorporates a faster stackable PCI connector in addition to the standard ISA connectors of original PC/104 boards.

According to VDC, sales of PC/104-Plus CPU Modules will trail PC/104 CPU Modules by only US$ 12.6 million by 2010, in comparison to the 2005 difference of US$ 24 million.

PC/104 and PC/104 Plus CPU Module Market Share for 2005 & 2010

PC/104 Family CPU Module Shipments, segmented by architecture for 2006

PC/104-Plus has leapfrogged PCI-104 as the next major architecture in the PC/104 market utilizing the faster PCI bus. Many expected that PCI-104 would be the architecture of popular choice among those wanting to make use of the PCI bus on PC/104 boards. However, it appears that the backwards compatibility with the ISA bus offered by PC/104-Plus in addition to PCI is more desirable than offering PCI with PCI-104 because ISA remains “good enough” for many PC/104 applications.

PCI-104 CPU Modules will continue to gain market share in the PC/104 Family CPU module market between 2005 and 2010, and are projected to grow to US$ 11.6 million. PC/104-Express CPU modules are also expected to growth steadily through 2010 once a standard is passed and those products are introduced.

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