New on Embedded Star – 2007.05.18

Digi JumpStart Kits
Digi JumpStart Kits make it easy for design engineers to develop embedded products with Digi NET+ARM modules. For an introductory price of only $399, Digi JumpStart Kits include all the hardware and software tools necessary for wired and wireless embedded product development. With Linux, Windows CE, and NET+OS options, Digi JumpStart Kits are available for a wide variety of commercial grade embedded networking needs.

Xilinx Virtex-4 QPRO FPGAs for Aerospace and Defense
Xilinx Virtex-4 QPRO MIL-grade FPGAs are designed for the aerospace and defense industry. The Virtex-4 QPRO FPGAs provides the industry’s most comprehensive ‘space to base’ device portfolio with higher performance, lower power options, and full military temperature-qualification. The new Virtex-4 QPRO family builds on the existing Virtex-II QPRO device offering, which includes the industry’s first military temperature-qualified FPGA with an embedded processor core, introduced in January 2005.

PERC Pico for Hard Real-Time Java
PERC Pico, from Aonix, is the first development environment for Java developers geared toward the creation of resource-constrained and deeply embedded hard real-time applications and components. PERC Pico is designed to solve problems for a broad range of projects including avionics, satellites, deep space probes, radio communications, telecon, weapons systems, and flight surface controls.

Microchip MCP3909 Energy Measurement IC
Microchip’s MCP3909 energy measurement IC is highly accurate and combines low power consumption with an SPI interface and active power-pulse output, making it adaptable to a wide variety of meter designs. Together with the MCP3909 3-Phase Energy Meter Reference Design, the IC enables designers to develop and bring meter designs to market quickly.

Micron Camera Image Sensors
Micron’s new camera phone sensors were developed using a tiny 1.75-micron pixel design and range in resolution from 5-, 3- and 1.3-megapixel. As the imaging market share leader for handsets, Micron is focused on developing leading-edge sensor innovations and improving the camera phone experience, encouraging new uses and opportunities for the technology.

AMD Imageon Mobile Media Processors
The AMD Imageon(TM) 2298, 2294, and 2192 media processors offer ultra-fast, high-resolution image processing, DVD-quality video and high-definition audio for compelling mobile multimedia experiences. The new processors help handheld manufacturers to quickly and cost efficiently deliver the latest multimedia features that consumers demand.

ECB_AT91 Single Board Computer
The Free ECB_AT91 is a single board computer made by emQbit. You can buy one or download the specs and build your own. It runs Debian GNU/Linux, openembedded, and Buildroot. The board is powered by an Atmel AT91RM9200 processor, which features an ARM9 core clocked at 180MHz. It supports up to 64MB of SDRAM, has one SD/MMC slot, 2 MB of serial flash, one 10/100 Ethernet interface, USB host, and two serial ports.