New on Embedded Star – 2007.05.11

TI LoCosto ULC Chip
The LoCosto ULC is Texas Instruments’ third generation GSM solution for the ultra low-cost handset market, specifically designed to enhance the user experience with added features and improvements. This includes dramatic improvements in voice clarity and loudness; battery life; and support for a range of advanced features, including enhanced color display, FM stereo, MP3 ring tones, camera, and MP3 playback. The “LoCosto ULC” single-chip platform will reduce electronic bill of materials (e-BOM) by up to 25% compared to the current generation.

IMEC Digital UWB Transmitter
IMEC’s 90nm CMOS digital UWB transmitter is the first ever published IEEE 802.15.4a standard-compliant transmitter. It covers all the frequency bands of the standard up to 10GHz and is especially suited for application in low-power wireless sensor networks. The transmitter outperforms state-of-the-art low-power narrowband transmitter implementations.

Freescale i.MX31 Windows Mobile 6 BSP
Freescale Semiconductor created a Windows Mobile 6 board support package (BSP) for the i.MX31 multimedia applications processor platform. One of the first applications processors based on the ARM11(TM) core to support the Windows Mobile 6 operating system (OS), Freescale’s BSP is designed to provide a simple and efficient migration path for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with devices running previous versions of Windows Mobile.

foXServe Embedded WebServer
foXserve, by Kdev, is a secure, tiny webserver for embedded appliances. foXserve is a Linux system based on the 2.6.15 kernel. The embedded webserver features Apache 1.3.37, mod_dav, mod_ssl, PHP 5.0.5, SQLite, and Turck MMcache optimizer. They are all pre-installed on a micro mainboard (FOX Board LX 832, 66 x 72 mm, and released by Acme System). The appliance can run with only one watt of power.

360 EC-FPGA Equivalence Checking
OneSpin Solutions GmbH’s 360 EC-FPGA equivalence checking solution supports all sequential optimizations performed by FPGA synthesis tools on large designs, enabling designers to meet functional, performance and cost targets, with minimal manual intervention. It is ideal for both prototyping and production-part verification. The new 360 EC-FPGA enhances OneSpin’s established 360 EC ASIC equivalence checker with innovative FPGA verification capability. It thoroughly proves, without simulation, that design functionality is maintained through all implementation phases of FPGA and ASIC design.

Acrosser AR-B1842 PCI-Express CPU Card
The AR-B1842, from Acrosser Technology, is the world’s first PICMG 1.3 PCI-Express half size CPU Card. The AR-B1842 is based on the Intel(R) Pentium-M(R) processor and features DDRII SDRAM SO-DIMM memory, Slim Cooling Fan, TV-out, Programmable Watchdog, AC’97 Stereo Audio, Serial ATA, and CF+ Type II.