Power Management Design Seminars

National Semiconductor
National Semiconductor will be conducting power management seminars in the U.S. and Canada. Experts will discuss design fundamentals and techniques as well as application examples associated with the latest high-performance power management products.

National developed the one-day intensive technical seminars to give design engineers advice on how to use the latest technologies, providing design tips and new product information. The Power Management Design seminar will cover topics such as DC-to-DC converter topologies and methodologies, power management design techniques, and implementation examples that efficiently provide power for circuits in the signal path.

DC-to-DC Converter Topologies and Methodologies

  • Buck converter topologies explained with advantages and disadvantages and selection criteria
  • Design guidelines for voltage-mode and current-mode buck regulators
  • A new technology, Emulated Current Mode, used in the new SIMPLE SWITCHER(R) regulators
  • Hysteretic and Constant On Time (COT) regulator design formulas and dynamic performance characteristics
  • Boost and flyback regulator waveforms and component calculations
  • Linear regulators, stabilizing low dropout regulators, impact of output capacitance and Effective Series Resistance (ESR)

Power Management Design Techniques

  • Design guidelines for high efficiency — Loss models explained
  • Measuring line and load transients, loop measurement techniques
  • External component properties and selection guidelines
  • PCB layout considerations — noise sources and techniques for mitigation, techniques for regulator stability and performance, thermal considerations

Application Examples and Powering the Signal Path

  • Powering FPGAs and processors
  • Strategies for sequencing power supplies
  • Dealing with noise-sensitive analog loads
  • LED driver power circuits
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) applications for power device and auxiliary power interface

The technical seminars is a blend of practical analog design concepts and tutorial review of basic principles. For a $99 fee, attendees receive a seminar application handbook, a coupon redeemable for an evaluation board and a USB flash drive containing design materials. Lunch and refreshments are also provided.

U.S. and Canada Seminar Locations

  • May 7 Los Angeles, CA
  • May 8 San Diego, CA
  • May 9 Phoenix, AZ
  • May 10 Austin, TX
  • May 11 Denver, CO
  • May 14 Boston, MA
  • May 15 Rochester, NY
  • May 16 Montreal, QC
  • May 17 Toronto, ON
  • May 18 Cleveland, OH
  • Jun 4 Minneapolis, MN
  • Jun 5 Chicago, IL
  • Jun 6 Indianapolis, IN
  • Jun 7 Kansas City, KS
  • Jun 8 Dallas, TX
  • Jun 11 Philadelphia, PA
  • Jun 12 Baltimore, MD
  • Jun 13 Raleigh, NC
  • Jun 14 Orlando, FL
  • Jun 15 Huntsville, AL
  • Jun 18 Vancouver, BC
  • Jun 19 Seattle, WA
  • Jun 20 Portland, OR
  • Jun 21 Irvine, CA
  • Jun 22 Santa Clara, CA

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