Mezzanine Card Market

According to VDC, the global market for merchant mezzanine/daughter cards will grow 13.3% annually through 2010. The driving factor is the strength of several new form factors. VDC reports that the global 2005 sales of mezzanine cards and carriers were US$ 355.7 million and projected to grow over 87% by 2010 reaching US$ 667 million.

Mezzanine Cards and Carriers, Current and Projected Markets, 2005-2010

VDC attributes the healthy growth of the mezzanine market to the new AMC form factor as well as the PMC form factor, whose new switch fabric-enabled architecture – XMC – is projected to experience rapid growth.

AMC cards are expected to see widespread use in communications on ATCA carrier boards as well as in MicroTCA systems utilized across a wide array of applications and vertical markets. PMC, on the other hand, is expected to see its growth fueled by applications such as industrial, medical, and transportation as well as in military/aerospace applications where XMC will be heavily utilized in the future.

The most direct point of competition between the AMC and PMC architectures will occur in communications applications previously utilizing PMC modules that may in the future shift over to AMC cards as ATCA carriers become more ubiquitous. There will be added indirect competition as MicroTCA systems – which utilize AMCs similar to blades and plug directly into the MicroTCA chassis – threaten to replace larger slot card architectures that make use of PMC modules.

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