Atmel Embedded Ethernet Networking Workshop

Avnet is hosting the Atmel Embedded Ethernet Networking SpeedWay Design Workshop. The event explains how to create an embedded Ethernet design using an ARM7(TM)-based microcontroller. Avnet is offering the workshops in locations throughout North America.

Ethernet continues to gain momentum as a connectivity standard, with a significant amount of growth fueled by embedded applications. As a result, the need for specialized training is also on the rise. The SpeedWay Design Workshops offer in-depth hands-on technical training based on Avnet field applications engineers’ practical experiences of implementing the most advanced technologies.

Through a combination of hands-on labs using evaluation kits, in-circuit emulators and detailed technical lectures, participants in the new Atmel Embedded Ethernet Networking SpeedWay workshop will learn the most efficient and effective ways to quickly adopt embedded Ethernet technology into their designs.

In addition to an overview of Ethernet and OSI basics, participants will learn about Ethernet connectivity, high-level network protocols, embedded Web servers, creating custom content and working with a free of charge GNU-based software development tool chain. Engineers will leave the workshop armed with an Atmel AT91SAM7X-EK evaluation kit, the AT91SAM-ICE JTAG emulator, software to start their own design (an overall value of $360), and working knowledge of 32-bit embedded development.

Dates and Locations

  • Tampa, FL (April 12)
  • Chicago, IL (April 19)
  • Minneapolis, MN (April 24)
  • Indianapolis, IN (April 26)
  • Ft. Lauderdale,FL (May 8)
  • Seattle, WA (May 24)
  • Connecticut (May 31)
  • Boston, MA (June 5)
  • San Jose, CA (June 7)
  • Rochester, NY (June 12)
  • Dallas, TX (June 14)
  • Toronto, ON (June 26)
  • Montreal, QC (June 28)

The cost is $149. More info »