New on Embedded Star – 2007.04.06

The HS-872P, from Taiwan Commate Computer, is a half-size PISA(PCI+ISA) platform based on the Intel 945GM Express and 82801GBM Chipset, which is optimized by the Core 2 Duo/Core Duo mobile and Celeron M on 65nm processors to address the requirements of a wide range of embedded applications such as interactive clients and industrial automation equipment.

Concurrent iHawk VME Systems
iHawk(TM) VME, from Concurrent Computer, is a commercial platform for mission-critical simulation, data acquisition, industrial and aerospace applications. iHawk VME systems feature energy-efficient Intel(R) Core(TM) multi-core technology on a single-slot 6U VME/VXS card. At the heart of each iHawk solution is Concurrent’s RedHawk Linux real-time operating system. Compatible with the popular Red Hat(R) Linux distribution, RedHawk features high I/O throughput, fast response to external events and optimized interprocess communication. RedHawk is the ideal Linux environment for complex real-time applications.

NEC V850E Microcontrollers for Inverter Control
NEC recently announced six new microcontrollers (MCUs) for inverter control systems, designed for advanced motor control applications in products such as air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines. The new devices feature high performance with advanced control functions for more precise motor control, as well as integration of formerly discrete components to help lower costs. The new offering includes four 100-pin V850E/IG3 MCUs and two 80-pin V850E/IF3 MCUs.

Agilent Visual Engineering Environment Software
Agilent’s Visual Engineering Environment (VEE) software is a powerful, interactive, and open graphical language that is designed to provide a fast and easy path to measurement analysis. Agilent VEE Pro 8.0 and Agilent VEE Express 8.0 make measurement analysis easy with task-oriented building blocks, enabling engineers to focus on connecting instruments, measuring their device, analyzing the data and presenting their results.

Technobox Dual-Channel SAS/SATA Controller
Technobox’s latest RoHS-compliant storage control PMC, the 4978 Dual-port SAS/SATA Controller, provides support for as many as 8 lanes of SAS or SATA. The module features dual SFF-8470 connectors for front panel connectivity (4 lanes per connector). To assure connectivity in strenuous environments, the connectors may be secured using lock-down screws.

Kontron Stingray
The Kontron Stingray is a modular, hygienic IP65-rated HMI concept with a food-grade stainless steel front panel that protects against cleaning agents and other environmental hazards. The Kontron Stingray was created to satisfy the requirements of a large system operator in the food and beverage industry as well as the strict industry standards regarding the manufacturing of food and beverages and is now available as a standard product in the Kontron portfolio. Orginally designed as a custom solution to the customer’s strict specifications, the Kontron Stingray combines reduced down times, straightforward retrofitting of existing information technology systems and an economical maintenance concept in a standard product.