Power Conference Seeking Papers

Power.org is seeking papers for the Power Architecture Developer Conference. Design engineers are invited to submit proposals around technology innovations and practical design information.

Technical papers from the design engineering community supporting the theme, “Breaking Down Barriers to Innovation,” and that offer advice on the development of Power Architecture solutions will be considered through April 20, 2007.

The Power Architecture Developer Conference was created to provide technical education and industry interaction across a wide range of interests and applications. The technical program will deliver more than 40 hours of information in hardware and software virtualization; Power Architecture technology in compute-intensive solutions, digital media applications, and multi-core solutions; embedded perspectives; software development for the Power Architecture platform; and globally green Power Architecture technology.

Sessions for the Conference may focus on hardware and software development around a number of Power Architecture platforms in the market today, including those from the conference Platinum Sponsors: AMCC’s PowerPC(TM) 4xx products, Freescale’s PowerQUICC(TM) processor families and automotive processors, and IBM’s PowerPC 7xx and 9xx products and the Cell Broadband Engine (Cell/B.E.(TM)).

Hosted by Power.org(TM), the inaugural conference is the first event to focus on technical training and developer networking for a broad set of Power Architecture(TM) solutions.

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