Altium Designer Seminars

Altium Designer seminars
Altium is offering a series of seminars in the US and Canada. The event will explain how Altium Designer brings together hardware, software and programmable hardware development within a unified environment that allows all aspects of an electronic product to be designed and managed within a single system.

The seminar will feature Altium’s NanoBoard-NB2, which is a reconfigurable development platform that harnesses the power of today’s high-capacity, low-cost programmable devices to allow rapid and interactive implementation and debugging of digital designs. With the Altium NanoBoard-NB2 connected to a PC running Altium Designer, users can develop, implement, test, and bring to market more intelligent digital products faster.

Benefits of Unified Electronic Product Development with Altium Designer and Altium’s NanoBoard-NB2

  • Reduce development costs and time-to-market by working in a unified design/implementation/test environment
  • Interact in ‘real-time’ with your design throughout the development process
  • Design hardware and software concurrently and in parallel
  • Probe, analyze and debug your design as you would a physical prototype using FPGA-based virtual instruments
  • Delay commitment to final hardware until late in the design cycle
  • Update your design hardware at any time without time or cost penalties
  • Implement complex digital circuits, including processor-based designs, in an FPGA without the need for HDL coding or RTL-level simulation experience
  • Develop and verify complex embedded system-on-FPGA applications and implement them on the target PCB – all within a single unified application


10:30am: Bonus P-CAD User Group Session – The Future Beyond P-CAD
11:45am: Registration
12:00pm: Buffet Lunch
12:30pm: Welcome / Introduction
12:45pm: Unified Design Part 1 – Effective PCB Design from Start to Finish
2:15pm: Afternoon Break
2:30pm: Harnessing the Potential of Today’s Technology
2:45pm: Unified Design Part 2 – Embedded System Design for all Electrical Engineers
4:00pm: Wrapup and Q&A
4:30pm: Close

Dates and Locations

  • San Jose, CA
    Tuesday, April 10
  • San Francisco, CA
    Wednesday, April 11
  • Dallas, TX
    Thursday, April 12
  • Minneapolis, MN
    Tuesday, April 17
  • Detroit, MI
    Wednesday, April 18
  • Chicago, IL
    Thursday, April 19
  • San Diego, CA
    Tuesday, April 24
  • Los Angeles, CA
    Wednesday, April 25
  • Portland, OR
    Thursday, April 26
  • Montreal, QC
    Tuesday, May 1
  • Ottawa, ON
    Wednesday, May 2
  • Calgary, AB
    Thursday, May 3
  • Whippany, NJ
    Wednesday, May 9
  • Toronto, ON
    Tuesday, May 8
  • Boston, MA
    Thursday, May 10

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