New on Embedded Star – 2007.03.30

MagnaChip MC5×1EA CMOS Image Sensors
MagnaChip Semiconductor recently launched two high-performance CMOS image sensors for the mobile phone camera market, the MC521EA and MC511EA. Samples of both image sensors are available now. The product is currently ramping to production. MagnaChip has a complete suite of demonstration systems and reference designs to support OEMs and integrators during product development.

Technobox Ultra 320 SCSI Controller
The AD8231, from Analog Devices, is a zero-drift, programmable-gain instrumentation amplifier (in-amp). Zero-drift in-amps are often used in harsh industrial environments such as power plants to cancel, or reject, large common-mode voltages that would otherwise drown out smaller system-critical signals.

ZeBu-XXL Emulation and Rapid Prototyping System
EVE’s ZeBu-XXL is an emulation and rapid prototyping system for hardware debugging and embedded software validation. ZeBu-XXL is the latest addition to EVE’s cost-effective ZeBu (for Zero Bugs) family. Architected with the largest field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and housed in a cabinet half the size of the previous ZeBu-XL generation, ZeBu-XXL verifies designs at three times the speed of the ZeBu-XL, providing twice the capacity in a single chassis.

Agilent PNA-X Network Analyzer
The Agilent PNA-X network analyzer features microwave network analysis from 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz. This premier-performance network analyzer offers a unique single-connection solution for two-tone and swept LO measurements, featuring an integrated second source and signal combining network. The Agilent PNA-X reduces test costs, setup time, measurement complexity and the time it takes to make measurements on the broadest range of components. The PNA-X is ideal for engineers in the aerospace/defense and wireless communications industries developing and testing high-performance active devices such as amplifiers, mixers and converters.

SLE Interlaken Interconnect Protocol IP Core
Silicon Logic Engineering has a licensable Interlaken protocol IP core for use in ASIC or FPGA designs. Their Interlaken IP Core is scalable, with early versions providing from 10 Gbps to 60+ Gbps bandwidth across the interface. Future versions will provide over 120Gbps of bandwidth. This scalability ideally suits Interlaken for multiple generations of future network switches, routers and storage equipment. The scalability is achieved through the combination of the SERDES speed (3.125Gbps to 6.375Gbps) and a variable number of SERDES lanes (1 to 24).

Broadcom Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and FM Chip
The Broadcom(R) BCM4325 is an advanced single-chip connectivity solution that combines the company’s Wi-Fi(R), Bluetooth(R) and FM receiver technologies onto a single silicon die. This single-chip solution provides the highest level of integration for mobile or handheld wireless systems featuring IEEE 802.11a/b/g (MAC, baseband and radio), support for Bluetooth 2.0 plus enhanced data rate (EDR) that is upgradeable to version 2.1 and an advanced FM receiver. Unlike competing technologies, the BCM4325 was designed in the advanced 65 nanometer process to address the critical challenges within mobile devices. It provides the lowest power, smallest form factor and most robust connectivity, allowing OEMs to drive these wireless technologies into more handset platforms.