TimeSys Embedded Linux Webinars

TimeSys Corporation will be offering four webinars for embedded Linux developers. The online seminars will cover best practices for embedded Linux development through an examination of project risk and the benefits of a common toolset. Other sessions in the series will look at technology choices for developers building devices with a graphical interface and an in-depth look at the QEMU processor emulator.

Using LinuxLink to Reduce Project Risk
March 20, 2007 1:00 pm EDT (10:00 am PDT, 5:00 pm GMT Standard Time)
A detailed discussion around the risks in an embedded Linux project and how using LinuxLink addresses those risks. Enumerates the risk points, some less obvious than others, that every project manager responsible for an embedded Linux deliverable should know and understand. Shows what LinuxLink offers to mitigate risks without the loss of freedom typical of traditional embedded Linux distributions.

Adopting a Common Embedded Linux Toolset
March 29, 2007 1:00 pm EDT (10:00 am PDT, 5:00 pm GMT Standard Time)
Managers of engineering divisions using open source frequently find their departments wrestling with issues around managing several different Linux distributions. Some solutions may be created from scratch, others based on an open source distribution, while others from a commercial vendor. TimeSys understands and embraces this model by providing a flexible tool set designed to integrate into an existing project while still providing all of the necessary components for new projects.

Building an Embedded device with a GUI
April 12, 2007 1:00 pm EDT (10:00 am PDT, 5:00 pm GMT Standard Time)
Evaluates the alternatives you can use to create an embedded device with a GUI. This session covers several different approaches, providing the details you need to select the right approach for your next project. The webinar will include a hands-on example of using open source components to create a GUI-based platform for a typical embedded board.

QEMU for Embedded Linux Engineers
April 26, 2007 1:00 pm EDT (10:00 am PDT, 5:00 pm GMT Standard Time)
QEMU may be the most important project that you haven’t heard of yet. QEMU is a processor emulator that has quietly been making strides in supporting architectures used by embedded engineers, so you can run your natively compiled PowerPC or ARM code on your x86 development host, or even run the “native” gcc compiler on a much faster host system, eliminating the pitfalls behind cross-compiling. The webinar will discuss QEMU features, processor support, benefits and drawbacks.

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