Inflexion Platform UI Webinar

Mentor Graphics
Mentor Graphics is offering a webinar describing a new approach to user interface creation for consumer electronic devices. The live webinar will take place 10:00 am (CST) on Thursday, March 15, 2007. Here’s a blurb for the webcast:

The success of any consumer electronic device depends to a high degree on how appealing and easy it is for consumers to use. Get the user interface (UI) wrong and your product will have little chance of success. And it isn’t enough to deliver a UI that is merely functional: it has to look good too. Studies have shown that good cosmetic design can encourage users to explore the full range of features on offer, can engender the perception that a product is easier to use, and can even make users more tolerant of product deficiencies.

So if the benefits of great looking, easy to use UIs are so clear, why are so many products still falling short of customers’ expectations? The answer is that the task of changing an embedded UI is not easy. Even something as simple as migrating to a new screen size can cause major development headaches. To do something more ambitious — such as create a slick look and feel that takes full advantage of a new graphics processor — is often not an option.

Inflexion Platform UI offers a solution. It automates many of the key interactive behaviors required by a wide range of consumer electronic devices — such as hierarchical browsing, master/detail views, and scrolling — and it does so in a way that enables completely new and visually rich UIs to be defined using simple declarative XML. Once Inflexion Platform UI is integrated on to a device, major interface modifications – adding a new language, migrating to a new screen size, incorporating a new product feature or completely changing the look and feel – can now be completed in a matter of days or even hours.

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