News – 2007.03.12 – Early Edition

International Nanotechnology Conference
The electronics industry has been the major enabler of the computer, communication and consumer industries throughout the 20th century and has propelled the growth of our economy. However, some of the building blocks of those industries will reach fundamental limits in the next decade.

Wavecom Unveils WiSIM Fully Embedded SIM for M2M
Wavecom (Paris:AVM) (NASDAQ:WVCM) (ISIN:FR0000073066) announced WiSIM (Wavecom integrated Subscriber Identity Module), an innovative solution that takes a major step to facilitating the deployment of wireless devices in cellular networks.

European Semiconductor Companies Adopt ARC’s Configurable Technology
ARC International (LSE:ARK), the world leader in configurable subsystems and CPU/DSP processors, signed new licensing agreements with leading European semiconductor companies and system-on-chip (SoC) design teams. All have adopted ARC’s patented configurable Media Subsystems or processors for a variety of media, global positioning system (GPS), and home connectivity-centric chip designs.

Samsung Rolls Out First Hybrid Hard-Flash Drive
Samsung Electronics Ltd., the worldwide digital consumer electronics and information technology leader, announces the shipment of its hybrid hard drive to the commercial marketplace. Samsung’s MH80 Series hybrid hard drive is offered in 80GB, 120GB and 160GB capacities. Samsung is a leader in hybrid hard drive technology and is one of the first companies to offer a commercially available unit. The MH80 hybrid hard drive is currently shipping to select OEM customers and will soon be available in retail and commercial outlets.

TriQuint Increases Market Share of Wireless Handset Modules
TriQuint Semiconductor (Nasdaq: TQNT), a leading manufacturer of highly integrated RF front-end modules for wireless handsets, announced that it has shipped over 50 million of the world’s smallest quad-band GSM/GPRS transmit (Tx) modules to wireless device manufacturers in China and Korea. The announcement comes during the International IC China Conference and Exhibition in Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai where TriQuint is exhibiting its next generation of QUANTUM Tx Modules(TM), which includes new products for higher-data-rate EDGE handsets as well as those targeting GSM/GPRS entry-level markets.