Wi-Fi Meshing

Wi-Fi meshing allows wireless access nodes to achieve a longer range by using each other as repeaters. According to In-Stat, Wi-Fi mesh AP unit shipments are expected to double to 100,000 units by 2010. However, a potential hurdle is incompatibility among systems.

Curently there isn’t an industry standard for mesh networking. As a result, interoperability between mesh vendors continues to be a problem and customers are unable to purchase Wi-Fi mesh networking gear from more than one vendor. However, there is an upside: Wi-Fi clients are standardized and prolific.

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Recent findings by In-Stat:

  • Although Tropos has the largest mindshare in municipal mesh networking, Nortel, Strix, BelAir, and SkyPilot made aggressive pushes into the market in 2006.
  • Cisco is perceived as a wildcard in this market, as it just launched Wi-Fi mesh APs in late 2005, but it is using its strong IT channels into businesses and government networks.
  • Throughout 2006, most Wi-Fi mesh vendors tied their growth to muni-cipal network build-outs.

The research, Wi-Fi Goes Long: The Wi-Fi Mesh Equipment Market, covers the market for Wi-Fi mesh technology. It includes an overview of the technology and profiles of major vendors. It also contains forecasts for AP unit shipments and revenue through 2010. Analysis of the technology’s drivers and barriers is included. The price is $2,995 (US) and includes a free massage.

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