Windows Embedded CE Webcast

Update: They didn’t have time to answer all questions during the webinar, so they answered them here.

Windows Embedded CE
Microsoft is offering a Windows Embedded webinar on Wednesday, February 28th at 10 am pacific time (1 pm EST). According to the 2003 Embedded Market Forecasters report, nearly a third of final designs fail to meet at least 50% of pre-design expectations. This event will help you discover how Windows Embedded can help you balance more complex applications and shorter product development time frames while meeting the need for value-added features.

The Windows Embedded CE webcast will focus on the fast growing market of Consumer Electronics, and how to overcome the challenges around Digital Rights Management and Digital Video Playback/Recording efficiently with Embedded CE. Participants will get an overview of the next generation of Windows CE, CE 6.0, with special emphasis on the embedded components that are aligned for consumer electronics, silicon board availability and market insights/trends for the next generation of devices.


Mike Hall
Mike Hall is a Senior Technical Product Manager in the Mobile and Embedded Devices Group at Microsoft, based in Redmond, Washington. Mike works with Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded and Windows Embedded for Point of Service. Mike presents at a number of Microsoft and third party events on Microsoft embedded technologies and writes a wildly successful blog discussing Microsoft embedded technologies. Mike has been working at Microsoft for more than 12 years, originally in Developer Support, focusing on C/C++, MFC, COM, device driver development, Win32, MASM, and Windows CE operating system development, and then as a systems engineer in the Embedded Devices Group.

Jeff Albertson
Jeff Albertson is a Product Manager in the Mobile and Embedded Devices Group at Microsoft, based in Redmond, Washington. Jeff is responsible for developing new markets worldwide for Windows Embedded CE in consumer electronics devices. Jeff joined the Windows Embedded team in 2002 to focus initially on developing Microsoft’s platform strategy in embedded operating systems. In 2003, he became product manager for Windows Embedded for Point of Service, an operating system for point-of-service systems which he helped bring to market successfully in 2005.

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