News – 2007.02.23 – Early Edition

Samsung Increases Speed of GDDR4 Memory
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the world leader in advanced memory technology, announced that it has increased the data transfer speed of the world’s fastest graphics memory – GDDR4 (Graphics Double Data Rate, version 4) – by two-thirds. Graphics memory processes video images in desktop PCs, notebooks and workstations to move large volumes of high-definition or low-resolution video simultaneously.

EU Reveals Ultrawideband Decision
The European Commission has adopted a decision which outlines the mandatory conditions for using ultra-wideband (UWB) technology in next generation wireless devices across the EU.

Teradyne Acquires Test Technology from MOSAID
Teradyne, Inc., (NYSE: TER) announced the signing of a definitive agreement with MOSAID Technologies, Inc. of Ottawa, Canada to acquire enabling test technology. The transaction is expected to close in March, 2007 and Teradyne expects to immediately expense a substantial portion of the $17 million (US) purchase price to in-process research and development. A small number of MOSAID employees are also expected to join Teradyne when the transaction is complete.

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