New on Embedded Star – 2007.02.02

Freescale Symphony Multi-Core Audio DSPs
Freescale Semiconductor is offering two new digital signal processing (DSP) chips designed to support multiple high definition (HD) audio standards. The Symphony DSP56720 and DSP56721 dual-core DSPs represent the first offerings in a family of multi-core 24-bit audio processors from Freescale, further broadening the company’s expansive audio portfolio.

SofTec FlashRunner In-System Programmer
FlashRunner, from SofTec Microsystems, is a high-performance, standalone in-system programmer for Flash-based microcontrollers and serial memories. FlashRunner is targeted at production environments and can piggyback another programming system or Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) via header connectors. The programmer can work either in full standalone mode or controlled by a host system.

MSC Vertriebs CXB-CD945 COM Express Module
If low power consumption is of high importance, the CXB-CD945 COM Express Module from MSC Vertriebs might be for you. The CXB-CD945 features an Intel(R) Celeron(TM) M-Processor ULV (Ultra Low Voltage) 423. The dual processor has a power dissipation of only 5.5W (thermal design power) at a clock frequency of 1.06GH.

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