Satellite TV Uplink Driving Digital Video

According to In-Stat, the worldwide Satellite TV uplink industry is emerging as an important growth driver for a wide and expanding range of digital video production equipment and video management products. This market will experience solid, sustained incremental revenue growth, and have a value of $306 million during 2010 (US dollars).

The Satellite TV uplink industry is mature and faces changes and growth opportunities, states an In-Stat analyst. Each region is developing along a unique path based on the changing demands of their local markets. However, all markets are being impacted by the need to support High Definition TV (HDTV) programming services.

Recent research by In-Stat found the following:

  • Satellite TV uplinks will upgrade their video equipment at a regular pace for many years to come.
  • New technologies may slow down the need to launch new satellites, but HDTV will eventually force the issue.
  • There will be strong opportunities for the larger companies that manufacture professional video equipment.

The research, Satellite Uplink Facilities for Professional TV Services, covers the market for satellite uplink facilities and professional TV services and equipment. This research provides a unique overview of the Satellite TV Uplink market in four geographic regions, and provides estimates and forecasts for the annual value of Professional Video Equipment that is likely to be needed by the Satellite TV Uplink market. The price is $3,495 (US).

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