New on Embedded Star – 2007.01.19

  • SMSC Advanced Temperature Sensors
    SMSC offers two new distinct families of temperature sensors: the EMC1402, 1403 and 1404 series and the EMC1422, 1423 and 1424 series that address the CPU and up to three remote temperature measurements, including graphic processors, DIMM and wireless cards. While the EMC1402, 1403, and 1404 devices are temperature sensors with interrupt capability, the EMC1422, 1423 and 1424 offer the added benefit of system shutdown.
  • Acrosser AR-B1622 PCI-104 CPU Module
    The AR-B1622, from Acrosser Technology, is a new PC/104 form factor SBC with an AMD LX800@0.9W processor. The SBC offers superb energy efficient and excellent performance, accompanied with rich features include DDR SODIMM memory support, COM ports, USB 2.0, EIDE interface, Watchdog timer, 10/100 Ethernet, Compact Flash slot, and 24bit TTL LCD interface.
  • Atmel AT91SAM9263 Microcontroller
    The Atmel AT91SAM9263 microcontroller overcomes the bottlenecks that occur with conventional ARM9-based MCUs in graphically-interfaced, data-intensive applications such as networked medical monitoring equipment and GPS navigation systems. The AT91SAM9263 employs 27 DMA channels including Atmel’s 18-channel peripheral DMA controller (PDC), a 9-layer bus matrix, and two additional busses for data- and instruction-tightly-coupled-memories (TCMs) to boost CPU performance and provide on-chip data transfer rates of up to 41.6 Gbps. Two external bus interfaces (EBIs) support gigabyte-plus external memories.
  • ADLINK NuPRO-796 Single Board Computer
    The NuPRO-796, from ADLINK Technology, is a half-size single board computer with an AMD Geode GX 533 processor. The fanless NuPRO-796 boasts a low 1.1W CPU power consumption to deliver low power, low cost and high computing performance. The NuPRO-796 comes with an on-board 128MB DDR266 memory on a single SODIMM slot, one UltraATA 66 IDE connector and four Serial ATA connectors with RAID support.
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