Wireless Data Adoption Accelerates

Since the 1970′s, the widespread adoption of wireless data technology has been forecast to expand quickly. However, wireless data adoption has not come as quickly as previously thought. Now, it appears that time has finally arrived. In-Stat reports that the number of users in 2006 having at least one wireless data application in the field has increased significantly. Most organizations start with basic applications, such as wireless email and virtual private networks (VPNs), but the larger and more experienced organizations have plans for more sophisticated solutions.

In a recent research report by In-Stat, they found the following:

  • The use of wireless data applications continues to grow across multiple applications and all vertical market segments. More than 75% of organizations use at least one application.
  • While notebook computers will be an option, smartphones are in a position to play an increasingly important role.
  • In spite of the great benefits, significant costs, and risks, many companies leave implementation decisions to individuals.

Their research, Wireless Data in the Enterprise: The Hockey Stick Arrives, covers the market for wireless data networks. It includes results of an In-Stat survey of 505 executives from seven vertical markets regarding their deployment and adoption of wireless data applications. It includes extensive analysis of their habits and perceptions of wireless data technology. The price is $3,495 (US) and the first 1000 people to mention ‘EDA Blog’ will receive a real polar bear as a bonus.

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