News – 2007.01.12 – Early Edition

  • Cellphones Say Bye-bye MMC, Hello microSD
    The new Strategy Analytics Handset Component Technologies service report, “Removable Memory Card Forecast: MMC Down and Almost Out of Cellphones,” highlights the rapid shift to the adoption of removable memory card slot formats in mobile phones during 2006.
  • SENA Makes 2007 M2M 100 List for Machine-to-Machine Technology
    SENA, a leading manufacturer of Device Server and Industrial Bluetooth products, announced that it has been named to the prestigious 2007 M2M Magazine’s M2M 100 list of the most important and influential companies offering machine-to-machine (M2M) technology solutions. The M2M 100 list provides a snapshot of the market as it exists today and the companies with the greatest impact on its direction.
  • National Technical Systems Expands Lightning Test Capabilities
    National Technical Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTSC) (NTS), a leading provider of engineering services, recently announced the expansion of the lightning test capabilities at their test laboratory in Boxborough, MA. The Avionics Test System is capable of simulating the indirect strike (current and voltage), multi-stroke and multi-burst lightning specified in DO-160E section 22 and meeting the requirements set forth by Boeing and Airbus, as well as applicable FAA, SAE, and EUROCAE standards.
  • User2User 2007 International Mentor Graphics User Conference
    Mentor Graphics Corporation (Nasdaq: MENT), a world leader in electronic hardware and software design solutions, announced that registration is now open for User2User (U2U) 2007, its International User Conference. Workshops will be held March 13, with the conference running March 14 – 15, 2007. U2U takes place at the San Jose Marriott and Convention Center, San Jose California.
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