New on Embedded Star – 2007.01.12

  • VMETRO Phoenix M6000 VXS Intelligent I/O Controller
    The Phoenix M6000 VXS (VITA-41), from VMETRO, is an intelligent I/O controller with dual PMC/XMC. Phoenix is a family of innovative products designed to enable system solutions for real-time multi-processors with high-speed serial communications. Being VXS enabled, the Phoenix M6000 can easily integrate into VMETRO’s existing Phoenix VXS systems to provide an embedded system controller (with a PowerPC 440SP CPU), intelligent PMC/XMC carrier, or high-performance data recording blade.
  • SynaptiCAD VeriLogger Extreme Verilog 2001 Simulator
    VeriLogger Extreme, from SynaptiCAD, is a completely new, high-performance compiled-code Verilog 2001 simulator that significantly reduces simulation debug time. VeriLogger Extreme offers fast simulation of both RTL and gate-level simulations with SDF timing information and supports design libraries and design flows for all major ASIC and FPGA vendors, including Actel, Altera, Atmel, LSI Logic, QuickLogic, and Xilinx.
  • NEC Introduces 16 New Flash Microcontrollers
    NEC Electronics announced sixteen new 16- and 32-bit all flash microcontrollers (MCUs). These latest MCUs offer up to twice the memory and a significant increase in pin-count options compared to previous devices in the line. Based on advanced 0.15-micron processes using SuperFlash(R) technology licensed from Silicon Storage Technology, Inc., the new lineup includes two 32-bit V850ES/JJ3(TM) MCUs with up to 1 megabyte (MB) of flash memory, and fourteen new 16-bit 78K0R/Kx3 MCUs with up to 512 kilobytes (KB) of memory and 144-pin packages.
  • AXIOMTEK GOT Touch Panel Computers
    AXIOMTEK offers a series of GOT (Graphic Operator Terminal) systems that complements its fanless touch panel computer product line. The new 10.4″ and 12.1″ fanless touch panel computers embrace mutual major traits including a slim modern design, wide temperature support (-20°C to +55°C), high brightness (600 nits) LCD, and anti-vibration (1.3G). With their high performance and many outstanding features, users can easily install and set up the systems almost anywhere and are used mostly in food & beverage, chemical factory, and transportation applications.
  • TI C6454 Digital Signal Processor
    The TI TMS320C6454 is a cost-effective, high-performance DSP. Targeted for a myriad of infrastructure equipments including high-end telecom, wireless infrastructure, and video and imaging applications, the new 1-GHz C6454 DSP is based on the improved TMS320C64x+(TM) DSP core and TI’s highest-performing DSP architecture.
  • Atmel ATF15xxBE 1.8V CPLDs
    The Atmel ATF15xxBE family of ROHS-compliant, 1.8V CPLDs feature standby power consumption of just 5 uA — over 60% less power drain than the nearest competing CPLD. Operating power consumption is 1 mA at 20 MHz or less. Available in densities ranging from 32 to 128 macrocells, ATF15xxBE CPLDs can be used to implement system watchdog, MCU I/O port expansion, memory interface, LCD display module drivers, and voltage translators.
  • Renesas SH7652 Microcontroller
    The Renesas’ SH7652 microcontroller is a 200MHz SuperH(R) family device with an on-chip Ethernet controller. It is the industry’s first to incorporate both copyright protection function for IP broadcasting and the Digital Transmission Contents Protection Over Internet Protocol (DTCP-IP) copyright protection standard for in-home distribution. The new device enables simultaneous transmission of two-channel High-Definition (HD) digital content over the network, ideal for digital audio-visual and office automation products that feature built-in networking functions.
  • TI F280x 32-bit Digital Signal Controllers
    Texas Instruments’ TMS320F28015 and F28016 digital signal controllers offer 60 MHz of performance starting as low as $3.25 (in 1Ku quantities); TMS320F2801-60 and F2802-60 controllers also offer 60 MHz of performance and are based on the current TMS320F2801 and F2802 devices.
  • AXIOMTEK EP812 EPIC Single Board Computer
    The AXIOMTEK EP812 is a low power EPIC form factor SBC that supports Socket 478 for Intel(R) Pentium(R) M and Intel Celeron(R) M processors running at 400MHz FSB speeds. In addition, it offers the low voltage Intel Pentium M and ultra low voltage Intel Celeron M processors as well. Available in a choice of configurations and options, the SBC offers developers a robust and reliable platform to build on with the added benefit of being able to realize faster times to market for new products.
  • Xilinx Spartan-3A FPGAs
    The Xilinx Spartan(TM)-3A family of I/O-optimized field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) is an extension of its low-cost, high volume Spartan-3 Generation. The Spartan-3A platform provides a cost-reduced solution for applications where I/O count and capabilities matter more than logic density. With support for the industry’s widest range of I/O standards (26) and unique power, configuration capabilities and anti-cloning security advantages, Spartan-3A FPGAs provide a flexible and cost-saving solution to new high-volume applications within consumer and industrial segments, such as display panel interfaces, video/tuner board interfaces and video switching.
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