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The emerging phase in home networks is a multimedia network that blends in consumer electronics (CE) devices, and although early adopters have been testing first-generation networked media devices, these devices are still far away from the average mainstream digital home, according to In-Stat. In fact, about two-thirds of those with home networks in the US still only use them to share Internet access and have no other devices connected to their networks, not even PC peripherals. I must be one of the geeky one because I have two printers and a Borg drone connected to my network.

According to an In-Stat analyst, consumer awareness of the new breed of networked media devices (CE media servers, media adapters, and other networked CE devices) and Media Center PCs needs improvement. However, the good news is that In-Stat research shows that there is considerable consumer desire for using digital content stored on PCs elsewhere in the home.

Here are some other findings by In-Stat:

  • The worldwide market for basic media server shipments to be placed in home networks within one year is expected to grow by 62% from 2005 to 2010.
  • The worldwide market for enhanced media server shipments to be placed in home networks within one year is expected to grow by 57% from 2005 to 2010.
  • Growth for home networks with at least one PC and at least one networked CE device will approach 100% over the same time frame.

Their research, Network Media Devices Complement Growing Media PCs to Enable the Next-Generation Digital Home, covers the worldwide market for multimedia home networks. Worldwide forecasts through 2010 for each market segment are provided, from consumer Media Center PCs to non-PC network-enabled stationary media devices. Each CE media device forecast provides network-enabled units and segmentations for wired-only and wireless devices. Included is the worldwide installed base of home networks and those networks with PC and CE devices. Consumer survey results related to digital home multimedia networking are also included. The price is $3,495 (US).

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