IDC to Reveal Top Predictions for 2007

IDC is organizing a series of web conferences announcing the Top 10 Predictions in 2007 for executives in manufacturing, health, financial services, energy and government. The web conference series kicks off on January 8, 2007 with a cross-industry discussion hosted by Meredith Whalen, Group Vice President and General Manager of IDC’s Vertical Market Business Units. The panel features research experts from five industries, including:

  • David Cox, Group Vice President, Financial Insights
  • Scott Lundstrom, Vice President of Research, Health Industry Insights
  • Rick Nicholson, Vice President of Research, Energy Insights
  • Bob Parker, Vice President of Research, Manufacturing Insights
  • Thom Rubel, Practice Director, Government Insights

Industry Insights’ Top 10 Predictions is an annual web conference series hosted by IDC’s five industry-specific research companies, covering energy, financial services, government, health and manufacturing. Discussions focus on how the Top 10 Predictions in each of these segments will impact technology spending patterns, organizational structures, and industry performance.

Web conferences begin Monday, January 8, 2007 and run daily at 12:00 p.m. ET:

  • Monday, January 8: Industry Insights Predictions for 2007 (a cross-industry discussion)
  • Tuesday, January 9: Top 10 Predictions for the Manufacturing Industry in 2007
  • Wednesday, January 10: Top 10 Predictions for the Health Industry in 2007
  • Thursday, January 11: Energy Insights Top 10 Predictions for 2007
  • Friday, January 12: Worldwide Government Top 10 Predictions for 2007

IDC’s Industry Insights companies provide industry executives with research-based advisory and consulting services that enable information technology (IT) and business executives to maximize the business value of their technology investments. Industry Insights cover the industry value chain for manufacturing, energy, healthcare, financial services and government. Staffed by senior analysts with extensive experience in these industries, Industry Insights provide a portfolio of offerings that are relevant to both IT and business needs.

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