EDA News – 2007.01.05

  • Delphi to Showcase Single-Sensor Camera with Multiple Safety Features
    At the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show, Delphi Corp. will demonstrate how a single camera can support multiple safety functions. Delphi is exhibiting its technologies in the Las Vegas North Convention Center, Exhibit 5206.
  • Hitachi Creates First Terabyte Hard Drive
    Consumers’ ability to store video, photos, music and other valued data will reach new heights as Hitachi Global Storage Technologies announced the industry’s first terabyte (TB) hard drive. Delivering superior performance and reliability, as well as capacity, Hitachi’s 1TB hard drive meets the needs of consumers who want to create, share and store their digital information, and lots of it. Hitachi’s Deskstar(R) 7K1000 will begin shipping to retail customers in the first quarter of 2007 at a suggested retail price of $399 (USD), or 40 cents per gigabyte (GB). This new consumer-friendly price makes ultra-high storage capacity more affordable and accessible than ever before.
  • austriamicrosystems Adopts CSR BlueCore Bluetooth for Mobile Entertainment
    CSR plc (LSE:CSR) and austriamicrosystems (SWX:AMS) announced that CSR’s BlueCore Bluetooth technology has been selected by austriamicrosystems for its new Mobile Entertainment platform. The AS3525 and AS3527 core devices of the platform are both high performance single-chip-systems targeting enhanced MP3 players with multimedia aimed at the OEM market. By adopting CSR’s BlueCore4-ROM in the designs, austriamicrosystems will be able to offer its customers a development platform that takes advantage of CSR’s market-leading expertise in wireless technologies as well as low-power and small form factor hardware.
  • Silicon Image Debuts SteelVine Storage Processor for HDTVs, Set-Top Boxes
    Silicon Image, Inc. (NASDAQ: SIMG), a leader in semiconductors for the secure storage, distribution and presentation of high-definition content, announced the SteelVine(TM) SiI5733, the first storage processor with content security enabled by automatic drive locking.
  • Impulse, Opal Kelly Support C-to-Hardware for USB-Connected FPGA Modules
    Impulse Accelerated Technologies and Opal Kelly announced the release of a Platform Support Package allowing the use of the Impulse C(TM) software-to-hardware compiler tools with the Opal Kelly XEM(TM) USB-connected FPGA modules. The resulting combination of FPGA-based hardware and software programming tools allows software programmers to create, debug and compile C applications for acceleration in FPGAs, without the need to use low-level HDL programming methods.
  • SynaptiCAD Rolls Out VeriLogger Extreme Verilog 2001 Simulator
    SynaptiCAD announced the release of VeriLogger Extreme, a completely new, high-performance compiled-code Verilog 2001 simulator that significantly reduces simulation debug time. VeriLogger Extreme offers fast simulation of both RTL and gate-level simulations with SDF timing information and supports design libraries and design flows for all major ASIC and FPGA vendors, including Actel, Altera, Atmel, LSI Logic, QuickLogic, and Xilinx.
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